Op Eds and blogs

Democracy and the dark forces of time and ignorance. Blog posting for the Sir Bernard Crick Institute for the public understanding of politics.

An odds-on approach to evaluation. Pages 10-11 in European Evaluation Society Newsletter (Evaluation Connections) Feb 2016. (with Geoff White). White and Matthews EES Newsletter Feb 2016

Unlocking Policy Potential. Advance magazine. Spring 2014. Advance piece spring 2014

Faster, Smarter and Cheaper – First Evaluation Connections paper.  EES Newsletter Dec 2013 (with Geoff White)

The Art of Managing Uncertainty and Risk. Australian R&D Review. March. 2010 ARDR_02_10

International collaboration: overcoming the impediments. Australian R&D Review. Feb 2010. ARDR_02_10

A Case for Global Research Compacts. Australian R&D Review. June. 2009 ARDR 06 09

The Power of Synergies in Research. Australian R&D Review. April. 2009 ARDR_04_09

Relevance Need Not Cripple Excellence. The Australian: Higher Education. 25th June. 2008

Australia is in the southern hemisphere. Australian R&D Review. June. 2008 ARDR06_08viewRD

Australian research going global. Australian R&D Review. 2008 ARDR_04_08

Some of the exciting ideas we need. The Australian: Higher Education. 11th June. 2008

Collaborating with the EU. Campus Review. 9th January. 2008 Campus Review